Posted Jun 19

Project Assistant

Remote Full time

For a project helper, get in touch with us today and receive:
A virtual or in-person assistant who can help you with your projects
Careful consideration of available options when hiring a project assistant
Discounts for project helpers cluster rush
Return offer guaranteed in 4 hours 
Find a reliable assistant to help you out with your project. 
One way in which project assistants help out project managers is by handling a lot of the mundane, administrative work that comes up on a daily basis. An assistant with broad skillset or one with deep expertise in a single area, like human resources or information technology, can be the best fit for your project. 
Find the perfect project helper for your unique needs 
Helping out with more complicated tasks is where project assistants really shine for project managers. Our extensive network of contractors can provide you with a project assistant in as little as a few days, should your organization or team need their services.

Compensation: $1000