Posted Nov 18

UX Content Design Internship

Remote Internship

Interns that join us at General Motors next summer could work on a variety of projects. Here's a description of the kind of person we're looking for; skills, interests, and activities you might participate in.


About the job
Welcome to the Cx Studio! We’re a collaborative community of product, visual, and content designers that are creating connected software experiences to complement our vision of an all-electric future in the automotive industry. We’re a community that is made up of diverse styles, voices, and views; reflecting the diversity of our customers, and giving us the ability to empathize with their needs. We feel excited when it’s “Cx Studio time!” each week, because of the culture we’ve created and the innovative, world-class products we help to design every single day.
About You
At the core, you’re a writer.
You’re a natural storyteller, and you have writing and editing superpowers. You also believe in the power of plain language to communicate ideas and you thrive on creating solutions that actually help people. You love it when the tech in your world makes things magical and fun, and you may have a technical background, or you are simply driven by a passion for making technology simpler and friendlier. Bottom line, you understand that working in technology means constantly learning and you thrive on that.
You’re a genuinely kind person with humility and integrity. That’s who’s on this team now and that’s the kind of special person we want to add.
Big Stage Opportunity, Global Impact
Oh, we mean it – it’s BIG. Your words will be read by hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe. Your work will help shape a once-in-a-generation transformation in the automotive industry, as we continue to evolve our products to achieve an all-electric, connected future that best serves our customers.
You’ll Be Happiest Here If You
  • See words as an incredibly powerful design material for connecting with people.
  • Are passionate about the customer.
  • Are articulate and prepared.
  • Have a positive yet practical attitude.
  • Work quickly without compromising quality.
  • Take initiative and aren’t afraid to fail.
  • Design for impact.
  • Have a “growth” or “learning” mindset, no matter what you’re working on.

This role might not be a good fit if you:
  • Work better in a structured, top-down environment. In contrast, this role will operate in an often-ambiguous and uncertain world, as we work together to create consistent and customer-oriented experiences while at the same time creating the Standards and Best Practices for how the team will operate “smooth like butter,” as we evolve.
  • See failure as humiliation rather than a necessary risk.
  • Value striving for perfection over an agile work ethic.

  • Work collaboratively with a team that consists of Product, Visual, and Content design and become the Content subject matter expert over your workstream. 
  • Write new and apply existing terminology, style, and UX Content pattern guidelines to the experiences we’re creating in the Cx Studio.
  • Write and edit friendly, brilliantly clear UI text with language that lands perfectly within the parameters of our voice & tone principles.
  • Provide Accessibility tagging in designs and write contextual descriptions to support human translation of our products into a global marketplace.
  • Participate in Agile ceremonies like Sprint planning, Standups, and Retros.
  • Communicate consistently with your teammates on the status of your work as assigned through Azure Dev Ops.
  • Demonstrate and explain your work in review meetings with the product design team, business stakeholders, the legal department, and a community of practice.
  • Communicate impact and insights to managers and teammates.
  • Use customer data and insights to inform content strategy and design as well as day-to-day optimizations. You will iterate!
  • Understand, employ, and evangelize our content design strategy, principles, and impact to partner teams and our leadership.
  • Identify opportunities for content additions, improvements, and innovations and effectively pitch those ideas to the team and stakeholders.

We're looking for a student of UX Design, Digital Communications, UX Design, Human Computer Interaction, Professional Writing, Communications, English, Journalism, or a related field. We will also consider professionals who may be switching from a related career and have completed the coursework provided by UX Content Collective, called "UX Writing Fundamentals."

Additional Qualifications
  • Belief in the mission of creating electric products for an all-electric future.
  • Belief in the power of listening to customers
  • Experience in customer research and tools
  • Design Thinking methodology experience
  • Naturally inquisitive and unafraid of new technology
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office products and basic understanding of cloud software storage
  • Foundational study in the Arts & Humanities, such as Journalism, English, Creative Writing, or Communications.
  • Flexible, versatile writing style across subject matter and audiences
  • Ability to represent content strategy as an integral part of iterative product development
  • Creative collaboration and problem-solving skills


Compensation: The median level of the monthly salary compensation for this role is $4000-$6700, dependent upon class status and degree. Benefit options are not available for this role.​

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